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What to wear: Women

- I suggest picking women's/ girls outfits first and coordinating outfits for everyone else based around your pick!

- Choose something comfortable AND that you can move around in without showing any undergarments!

- Dresses & Skirts are great for adding movement but don't be afraid of wearing pants or a romper/ jumpsuit. 

- Each girl should be in something different. 1 in a dress 1 in a skirt 1 in pants. Basically all of the ladies should not show up in dresses. We like the variety to add interest

- You will not see a ton of patterned dresses below because I LOVE color blocking. (Everyone in their own complimentary color within the scheme.... because then its about the people and less focus and attention drawn to the clothing)


- Patterns are totally fine as long as there is only 1 (or 2) in the mix. 

Click on the links below to be directed to my favorite Amazon picks

Long Flowy Dresses

Short Dresses

Flowy Skirts & Tops

Women's Accessories 

Pair with ANY look

Session Accessories


Favorite Combos

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