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The Pros and Cons of First Look Photos

Let’s talk about the first look! In my experience, the pros of doing a first look far outweigh any cons. Here are some of my favorites:


1. Attend cocktail hour and mingle with your friends and family.

2. No rushing because you have more time for anything unexpected.

3. Extended bride and groom portrait time which gives us more time to walk through the venue.

4. You’ll see each other more during your wedding day and have alone time.

5. You get to actually talk to each other during your first look instead of looking at each other for the first time in front of everyone and not being able to say much.


You have to get ready earlier.

That’s it! Some couples don’t want to do a first look because they want to keep things more traditional. Other couples believe that a first look may lessen their emotions on the aisle. I didn’t add these to the cons list because that is more preference than anything else.

I hope these help you make a decision on doing a first look or not. I always say just talk to each other about it and make the decision that brings more joy to your wedding day. Whatever decision you make is 100% the right one for you two ❤



Meet Melanie


I'm Mel, and I'm a Maryland
Wedding and Portrait Photographer. 

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