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What to wear: Boys

Choosing boys outfit


Step 1: Pick a base outfit (colored pants and a casual shirt)

Step 2: Layer with a button down or casual light jacket

Step 3: Pick a pair of boots or sleek sneakers & a belt to complete the look

- I LOVE color blocking. (Everyone in their own complimentary color within the same color scheme) 


- Choose a color that compliments what you chose to wear


- Stick with warm tones


- Patterns are totally fine as long as there is only 1 (or 2) in the entire mix. 

Click on the links below to be directed to my favorite Amazon picks


colored jeans are perfect for elevating dads look without feeling stuffy

Casual Shirts

Layer the look

Choose a jacket or sweater to add depth to the outfit

Men's Shoes & Belts

Favorite Combinations

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